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Prairie the ceramic pot

2009 December 25
Posted by Victoria

Happy Christmas Day! Wow, I can’t believe that 2009 is almost over….

In short, I have a ceramic pot that I made back in Winter 2006; freshman year once again. This was also, of course, Basic Ceramics. This pot doesn’t really have a name, but for my portfolio, I called it Prairie. I’ve typed that word so many times that it doesn’t even look like a word anymore, haha. Anyway, my Basic Ceramics teacher had a plan that we used a piece of cardstock as our “molder” to shape the pot as we made it. This was a coil pot, by the way…It’s smooth on the outside, but it’s much more bumpier on the inside.

But! I messed up the form of the pot as I was “coil-ing.” I held the cardstock piece against the body wrong, and I didn’t notice until I was halfway one third through the  pot. My teacher suggested that I built the sides out to the supposed length and then continue shaping it from there. And then at the end, I got so lazy that I didn’t even finish the top. So the neck ends abruptly, even though it was supposed to go out to make the mouth. Kind of like a vase! I just realized. I’m not very original with pots.


The quality is always better elsewhere….never on Come on, UPGRADE. Unless there is an upgrade and I would have to pay for it…ugh. So, you can totally tell what happened at the bottom and what continued on to the top. The glazes I used are a little closer to memory, which really doesn’t make any sense, since I can’t remember the glazes for the bowl and robot as clearly. The outer coat is called “Peacock Eyes,” or something close to that; and the glaze inside has something to do with bananas. It was a lot of fun to paint the glaze inside, which I learned to always paint three coats on the surface. I loved just pouring a lot of glaze into the pot and slosh the insides all over until everything was covered. Here’s how the insides look:


It’s a little blurry, but it is the only picture I could take where one could see inside without having a part of the pot cut off. I must say this again, I love glaze. Also, this Peacock Eyes thing is probably my favorite glaze, although that other Mocha one comes a close second. Maybe I just love coffee, haha.

POT HEIGHT: 8.5 in

POT WIDTH: 6.5 in (at the largest circumference)

Small ceramic structures: a bowl and a robot

2009 December 22
Posted by Victoria

Ceramics is every person’s best friend. For life. Who doesn’t like molding random objects out of clay?

This small bowl was made in the early fall of 2006. Yeah, I know. Mad long ago. This was freshman year! All these pieces are out of order, sorry D; The class was Basic Ceramics and we had to make a mini pot using our thumbs. I can’t remember the name of the method – it’s like thumb melding like or something close to that…? Thumb pots? Ah well, it’s a very common method and everyone normally uses it as a beginner :D


This picture is really blurry…however, it is the best one I have at the current moment. I need to improve my photography skills :P I also can’t remember the name of the glazes I used, but I think the brown glaze has the word “mocha” in it.  This cute pot is very useful and is now holding plenty of useless tiny junk. I feel like I’m selling this, haha. The project was to incorporate geometric shapes into the design on the pot, so I painted this triangular pattern that carries all around. If looked from above, the decor slightly resembles a sun! Sad moment of truth: I took a picture of this. It is, of course, blurry :(

This next piece was made in the late fall/early winter of 2008 (junior year). I was inspired by the UK band, Los Campesinos! where in one of their music videos (You! Me! Dancing!), there is a cute robot that shoots down space people. Awesome, right?? So, during one fun day in sculpture class, I made my own version of the robot and sneaked it back into the Ceramics room for the kiln.


I broke a part of it later on in the day when I had to go to guitar class, so I snuck down to the art room in the basement of my music school and “stole” the glue to repair the claw and foot :3 The glaze has left my mind once more, but I believe it had something to do with blueberries. I love glaze. It smells like rotten fish, but it sure is lots of fun to use :D This picture is also clearly blurry…sorry. But hopefully, one can get the general gist of the picture! Someone needs to teach me how to use a camera.




ROBOT WIDTH: 2.5 in (based on the longest width, which is the rim around the head cap thing)


Took new pictures…hopefully they are much better than before :)


Aw, the quality was much better on Photoshop.

Here is the bowl from an eagle eye view! :D You can see my fingerprint smudges on it…ahhhh my bad >< it looks very, very dirty. At least you can tell that from up top, the bowl looks like the sun :D


My self-portrait bust

2009 December 19

I am actually in the midst of attempting to finish a large number of all my college applications, so this post will be short and sweet with pictures and descriptions ♥


This, my friends, is a bust of me! Although it doesn’t exactly look like me, I think the only real feature is my nose. I made this in the late winter/early spring of 2009, when I was a junior in high school. This bust is supposed to represent me as a nature loving freak (hence the vines instead of hair) and the bluish green of the acrylic topping paint. It is ceramic, which is always a joy to use as a medium. I used several layers of the acrylic paint and then several layers of this clear glaze like coating for acrylics. That’s why it looks shiny :)



The bust is also an idea of a self portrait, which was a lesson from SVA (NYC’s School of Visual Arts) that inspired my Sculpture teacher. He showed us images of the busts done by the SVA students and there were usually gaping holes in the back of the head that were filled with items or installations that represented the student and his/her personality. So I made a gaping hole in the back of my sculpture and filled it up with tons of stuffed animals that I had collected over the years. Most of them are dogs :) As shown above.

These pictures aren’t the only ones I have, although I find that these are some of the best taken. The first one may have a bad resolution, but that is because I am incapable of decently using a camera :P   The other two pictures were taken by Christina Tisi-Kramer, a Photography and Photoshop professor from FIT (NYC’s Fashion Institute of Technology). She taught me how to edit pictures, which I have done to all three of the images above.

I’m sorry I have been unable to upload anything for such a long time. I actually do have more sculptures/ceramic pieces I need to put up, but I haven’t had the time. This bust is part of my college portfolio, so both writing this entry and having this bust edited on the portfolio CDs are literally killing two birds with a stone! :D   The other pieces will be on my portfolio, too…Hopefully in time for the deadlines D;

BUST WIDTH: Approximately 12 in.

BUST HEIGHT: Approximately 12 in.

I honestly can’t tell – there are so many bumps and curves on this piece. Hahah :D I would give a circumference length, but I don’t know where my measuring tape is. :( If found, I will update this post and list the definite width and height.

Miniature wax figurines!

2009 October 20
Posted by Victoria

Well, I’ve finally got my camera fixed…actually, not really. But whatever, it still works. Kinda.

So anyway, this means I’ve got pictures! These were created in the late spring/early summer of 2009 (I was a mere junior in high school!) – aka I was really bored in sculpture class and this is what happened.

Oh my! :D Well, the art department in my totally awesome school was the first who got really affected by the budget cuts. Which is totally sad, because we pay for most of the supplies anyway.  Just because all the other majors (specifically performing arts like drama, dance, etc) give performances, they get more money and we, the sad art majors, are EMPTY HANDED :’(

And so, due to lack of awesome cash, we have an extremely small wax melting pot. Which is still really cool, even though it’s smaller than any regular Chinese take out bucket circumference wise. I’ve never played with/melted wax before, so using the pot was reallllly fun. However, even though sculpture was two periods long (about 40 minutes each; therefore a total of an hour and twenty minutes…), it took FOREVER for the wax to melt and then to harden into a workable substance. You know, without burning my fingertips off. So around the time the wax started to hit that level, I would grab a handful…and then the bell for the next period would ring. So, I would take the wax to my next class (which happened to be lunch, actually haha) and finish creating what I attempted to make the few minutes before the bell rung. This has happened twice and I’ve ended up creating a pig and an elephant. Yes, that’s what those wax figures are. Impressive, no? Yeah haha.


Woah, I totally did not expect some parts of the pictures to turn out so blurry. Oh well, you can still see ‘em :D   The reason why these wax figures are really bumpy looking is because wax dries quite fast. I wasn’t able to finish smoothing out all the parts on time, and smoothing out cooling wax is pretty hard! :O believe it or not. You can totally guess that wax did not come in these multi colors – The color of the was was originally a light yellow and hardened as that light yellow, but slightly dirty because of my bag; which was covered in nastiness. My Italian teacher asked me in Italian if it was a potato chip, and being the failure at listening in Italian that I am, I said yes, ehehe.

Actually, I used numerous coats of nail polish to get the colors the wax figurines are in the pictures. I tried fabric paint, oil paint, etc and none of them worked on the slippery surface of wax :’(  So these pieces are now covered in lots of nail polish and the stench is hella strong. But they’re cute, so I forgive ‘em. Well, I think I have said all that there is to say about them! They have lived on my desk for quite a while, haha. Here are more pictures of these monstrous beasts! :3



ELEPHANT WIDTH: 4.25 in.  includin’  le trunk


PIG WIDTH: 3 in.

PIG HEIGHT: 1.5 in.

Hello world!

2009 October 8
Posted by Victoria

This blog is mainly a place where I can upload random pieces of my sculptures and explore other pieces and their artists on the webz. I have tons of ideas but nearly no time to put them all together….However, I will attempt to devote more time to my art and post up images and descriptions, etc. In the meantime, I will search through my portfolio and find certain sculptures to post up! I apologize for my awful writing, although I’ll try to make up for it through the pieces and such :)

Hope you enjoy!

My banner is from a Noguchi piece that I took a picture of when I went to the museum in Long Island City, NYC.  I absolutely love Noguchi and I actually took a zillion pictures and a couple of videos from the museum. You can go to to check out the video; the name of the video is NOGUCHI MUSEUM (PT I) Check it out! :D

Also, Noguchi’s website is…